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DM of the Rings
Lord of the Rings inspired D&D, so now we have Lord of the Rings as a D&D campaign. You know, as D&D games acutally happen. Rebellious gamers, frustrated DMs, side jokes, computer conversation, pizza wars… the REAL D&D experience.
In the 50’s and 60’s, Superman went thru a period in which, simply put, he was a dick. This site is devoted to those wonderful moments, as well as other great comic book images such as idiotic covers, Wonder Woman bondage, wartime propaganda, and the infamous monkey covers. Really. Take a look...
Van Von Hunter
Premise: Van Von Hunter is a tale about a mighty warrior and hunter of evil and his many exploits against evil, uh…stuff. Along with his sidekick he’s occasionally joined by other allies and faces off against agreeable vampires, flaming princes, fioe-gras-eating zombie hordes and were-sasquatches!
Wold-Newton Universe
Did you know that MacGyver is related to Sherlock Holmes and Doc Savage? And that Blair Sandberg is related to the Scarlet Pimpernel and Indiana Jones? The Wold Newton universe was originally created by Philip Jose Farmer, as he speculated that most of the pulp and literary heroes were related (as described in the fictional biographies of Doc Savage and Tarzan). Over the years, as new documents are uncovered, new relationships are established. Thus, Sherlock Holmes, Moriarity, MacGyver, Doc Savage, the Shadow, and Tarzan more share common ancestors such as the Scarlet Pimpernel, John Carter of Mars, and more.



Television and Movies

Radio, TV, Films, Fantasy, Horror & Science Fiction Links
T Bone Fender's Star Wars Site
By a fan, for fans. Spoilers included.
The Geek’s Guide to New TV Shows (updated)
From the Trivia Geek blog. With premiere dates and links to video previews.
SF Quotes Make TV's Top 100
Cable network TV Land announced its list of the 100 greatest TV quotes and catchphrases of the past 60 years, featuring recognizable lines from popular science-fiction series from Star Trek to The X-Files.

Blake's 7 links

Blake's 7
Site containing episode guide and summaries.
Horizon Blakes 7 Appreciation Society
The Aquitar Files - a Blake's 7 zine
All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from Blake's 7
Blake's 7 -- Judith Proctor's pages
The Tarrant Nostra Page
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