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April 2009

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Meeting Announcements

The April meeting will be held at Amy Denton’s  house (Map of 3510 La Costa). The April Video Party will be held at Dee Beetem’s house (Map of 4737 Kingfisher St).


Editorís Announcement

Because of postage costs, we are sending out newsletters electronically. For a hardcopy, email The PDF of each newsletter is also posted on the Several Unlimited website and on the Several Unlimited Yahoo group.

Club News

Prez Mez April 2009

Howdy folks:

Revelcon, as usual, was a great opportunity to meet up with old fannish friends. This year Erika, Margaret, and I spent most of our time running the Several Unlimited Garage Sale. Zine sale were relatively light but at the end of the con we sold what remained to Cheree Cargill to resell over the Internet. In the end we got back a few dollars more than we paid  for the table, retrieved our garage space, and didn’t have to ditch any zines into the trash. On the whole, I call that a success.

It’s time to think about Summer Excursions – summer movies, summer theatre, or summer events. I know that Margaret, our Veep, is working up a few schemes. If you have any suggestions, call or email me or post them on the Several Unlimited Yahoo group.

We should soon set a date for and start publicizing the Several Unlimited Summer Luncheon and Book Swap. It looks like the best venues would be Pappas’ Barbecue (where we were last year) or the Black Lab. Any preferences?

Next month is Media West, and I expect that many of us will be flying up to Michigan. But Steve points out that May is a five-Friday month so if we wanted we could have a Video Party on the last Friday.

For April, however, I encourage everybody (at least everybody in Houston) to attend the Starbase Chili Cook-Off. I went last year and it was a lot of fun! Erika will be entering the Dessert Cook-off – come cheer her on.

Several Unlimited Fanfiction Archive

Have you written fan fiction that you would like to have us post in our web archive? We would love to receive electronic copies of them—send them to But we can scan hard copy too. Email us first before you send us anything on paper. And no, we are not likely to scan your novel for you.

News and Reviews

Interested in the stories that are nominated for Hugos and Nebulas, but don’t have the cash to buy them? For a short time, the Nebula Short Story nominees will be available as podcasts. The Hugo nominees will be available in electronic downloads if you are members of Anticipation, the 2009 Worldcon. Check them out!

StarShipSofa podcasts all Nebula Short Story nominees for 2008

StarShipSofa has, in one day, done what no other SF podcast has done before. In another unprecedented move, StarShipSofa has put out all seven Nebula Short Story 2008 nominees, all available as free audio podcasts for your listening pleasure. Tony, who helms the podcast, says, ďThe Nebulaís are a very special event in the SF world and I wanted the StarShipSofa to mark this occasion by doing something unique for this yearís awards. ďI wanted to put out all the stories nominated in one day so people can, straight away, have them downloaded back to backÖ sitting on their iPod and, for the next few hours, submerge themselves in SF stories of the very best calibre. All for free. ďThings are changing rapidly in this medium and this is one example of StarShipSofa pushing the boundaries of normal podcasting in both terms of quality and accessibility. ďItís what the StarShipSofa was built for.Ē

Link to the Nebula Awards  site

Below are the seven stories. If you donít use iTunesÖ check out each individual postings at StarShipSofa.

Hugo Voter Packet Update

Published by John Scalzi at 10:43 am

Itís coming along nicely but damn, is it huge. We have a lot of nominees participating, in a whole bunch of categories. I strongly suspect just e-mailing it wonít work this time around, so Iím looking at ways to do a password-protected download, optimally where I can generate a new password for each person. If anyone has any ideas how to do this in a way that wonít make me want to shoot out my brains, please ping me.

That said, Iíll go ahead and set a date for when I plan to make it available: Next Monday, April 6.

Please be aware this package will only be available for members of Anticipation, this yearís Worldcon. If youíre not a member yet, you can sign up at this link. There are two flavors of membership: Full (which means you plan to attend the Worldcon), which is $195, and Supporting (which means you donít plan to attend, but want to vote for the Hugos), which is $50.

I will say that at this point, the retail value of the works in the Hugo Voter Packet is about equal to the cost of a full membership, so thereís substantial value in becoming part of this yearís Worldcon (I mean, aside from the fact that this yearís Worldcon, in itself, is going to rock). And if you sign up and vote in the Hugos, youíll have a say in declaring the best science fiction and fantasy work of the last year. Oh, come on. You know you want to. All the cool kids are doing it.

As Iíll be releasing the Hugo Voter Packet next Monday, this means if youíre a Hugo nominee this year and still want to get into the Packet, thereís still a bit of time. Go here for details Letís say the new deadline is 6pm Eastern time, April 5. If you have any questions, e-mail me.

Upcoming Events

Delta H Con, April 24-26, 2009

Gaming & anime con

University of Houston Main Campus, UC Center, 4800 Calhoun Rd., Houston, Texas 77004

Dealers Room, Artist's Alley, Art Auction, Art Show, Anime&DVD Screening Room, Anime Music Video (AMV) Contest, CosPlay [Graciously put on by Anime No Kai of UH], Manga Reading Room, Live Action Role Playing events (LARP's), Speaker Panels, Workshops, Bubble Room (Kid geared area), Collectable Card Games, PC Game Room, Role Playing events (RPG's), Terrain or Miniture Games (Mini's), & Board Games.

Conestoga 13, April 24-26, 2009

Oklahoma's largest literary science fiction & fantasy con

Radisson Tulsa, 10918 E. 41st Street, Tulsa, OK 74146

Featuring: Art Show, Panel Discussions, Writers Conference, Dealers Room, Short Film Contest, Gaming, Fangs Fur & Fey Mini-Con, Friday night concert, Filksinging, Author Readings, Masquerade, Charity Auction, Panels, Podcasts, and the inexplicably popular Penguin Playhouse Theatre!

Starbase Houston Annual Chili & Dessert Cook-Off & Auction, April 26, 2009

One-day (1 PM-4 PM) annual fundraiser for Starbase Houston

Christia V. Adair Park Community Center, 15107 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77047-6713

Cash Prizes and Awards for best Chili, Dessert, and Exotic Alien Dish. Starbase Houston's mission is to advance, promote, and sustain all the various facets of Star Trek, Star Trek Houston Fandom, and all things sci-fi. $5 per person for food, no charge for entering the cook-off.

A-Kon 20, May 29-31, 2009

The Southwest's Largest Anime Convention

Sheraton Dallas (formerly the Adam's Mark), 400 N. Olive St., Dallas, TX 75201

Dealers Room, Guests, Seminars & Workshops, Multiple Video Rooms, Gaming & Tournaments, Premier Film Showings, Art Show & Auction, Autographs, Banquet, Costume Contest, Goodie Bags&Freebies, and Musical Concert

A-Kon is the oldest continually running, anime-based convention in N. America.

Websites of the Month

Star Wars as Classic Art

Classic art with Star Wars characters – take a peek!.

star wars artStar Wars art

Suvudu Free Book Library

The Suvudu Free Book Library allows you to read the first book in some of Random Houseís SF/F acclaimed series absolutely free! They start with five full-length novel, but theyíll be adding new titles on a regular basis. Sign up for their free newsletter.
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